The Denver Comic Convention is almost here, and I’m excited to go! I’ve never been to a comic con so it will be interesting to see all of the cool costumes and events in person. I’ve seen the amazing work that people put into the costumes, and it’s always impressive to see videos and pictures online, but I’ll bet that seeing it in person is really fun.

There is a show on the SyFy channel that follows people as they make costumes for various things, and I saw an episode of it last week. I guess they have to see these people make a new costume every week or two, but it makes for some so-so costumes compared to the ones that end up winning the contest.

They went to some sort of new con and I think they thought that because it was a new one, that the costumes wouldn’t be that great. Well, surprise surprise, some awesome costumes showed up that clearly took months of work, and the people being followed for the show didn’t even place top 3. Oops!

All of the latest movies have shown their lead actor in absolutely amazing shape. Thor, Captain America, Wolverine. All of these guys have gotten huge and shredded for their roles. The question is, natural, or not? Most experienced lifters will tell you that gaining 30 lbs of muscle in a few months for a movie role is only possible with steroids.

Sure, that level of development is possible naturally, but even training as often as Chris Evans said he did you’re just not going to get there quickly. The one main exception would be a completely untrained young man in the 16-20 yr old range. At that age, your testosterone levels are so high that you can gain muscle faster than at any other time in your life. But a guy in his late 20’s or early 30’s? No way.

The movie the 300 had guys get into amazing shape before it started as well, and the question is, what would you do if you needed to be in awesome shape really quickly, and you were being paid a ton of money to do it? Pretty much anything, right? So it’s no surprise that you can’t just get some home gym workout equipment and a bottle of protein and gain 20 lbs of muscle in a handful of weeks. If it was that easy, everyone would do it.

Did you see what Hugh Jackman looked like in the newest X-men movie? Let’s put it this way, you don’t get penis veins bulging out of your arms without a little extra:

That dude is 45 years old. Know many 45 yr olds that look like that? Me neither.